Participant Information

Every day, research uncovers new information about medical conditions, possible therapies and information regarding nutrition and health. Your involvement in clinical studies could help aid in the development of new medications, innovations, recommendations.

Study related physical exams, medical testing, and investigational drugs are all provided to you at no cost. Each pharmaceutical company sponsoring the study designs specific inclusion and exclusion criteria for participants. This is done to ensure that the investigational medication or supplement is given to the intended patient population.

As always, Good Clinical Practices are implemented and followed to ensure that each participant is treated with respect, beneficence, and with justice which is the foundation for the ethical treatment of human subjects in research.

Our research is monitored rigorously by an independent review board or ethics committee which oversees the right and welfare of all study participants.

Your participation in a clinical research study is completely voluntary and you may choose to withdrawal from the study at any time, without any consequences.

You and other people may benefit from your willingness to become involved. If you are interested in learning more about participating in a clinical study for your child, the first step is to contact us.